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Sunday July 24- Floyd Bennett Field with National Park Service


Image description: Vintage photo of bi-planes in the hangar in Floyd Bennett Field

*Update: Stokers are on a waiting list for this ride. WE NEED CAPTAINS!

Come out and ride with our friends from the National Park Service at the wide open Floyd Bennett Field. We’ll visit the aviation museum, ride on re-purposed runways* and in the off road sections of the park. A lunch will be served.

*special treat: these runways are so wide and flat that captains and stokers can switch seats if they wish.

RSVP for Floyd Bennett Field with National Park Service

Stoker Profile: Lynette Alacia Tatum

Rohan and Lynne riding2 copy
Image Description: Lynnette and her Five Boro captain Rohan cruise through Central Park.

Name: Lynnette Alacia Tatum

Hometown: San Angelo, TX

Current Neighborhood? Upper Manhattan

When you are not riding tandems, what are you doing? Hmm. Reading, listening to music, rehearsing, participating in library activities, playing with what tech I can get my hands on, conducting InfoShare meetings, teaching… Walking around the city.

How did you join InTandem? Maria (Lynnette’s partner) received an email from Artie and asked if I were interested. Of course, we were and the rest, as they say…

Favorite Ride to date? Artie’s donut ride, even though it was cold as heck!

Advice for New Captains? Relax! Also, ask your stoker at what pace they feel comfortable riding. On longer rides, make certain that you at least ask the stoker if they’d like to stop at rest areas or not. Don’t simply assume. If stokers have diabetes, they’ll need to stop to refuel with the delicious snacks and beverages offered on longer rides.

Advice for New Stokers? Relax and don’t be afraid to let your captain know your needs with regard to speed and taking breaks (or not).

One thing you think everyone should know about InTandem? It’s a fabulous organization for meeting new people and discovering the great highways and byways of our wonderful city. Also, it might just help dispel some commonly-believed myths about people who are blind or visually impaired.

How has InTandem affected your life? I’ve gotten to make many wonderful cycling memories with some lovely individuals. I’ve overcome a good bit of anxiety and now feel more comfortable about riding a tad faster.

If you could share a Tandem with anyone, who would it be? Maria! <smile> Ah, a person with better vision? President Obama because I think he’d just be cool like that. Next, Ellen DeGeneres because I’d think she’d be a hoot!

Anything to add? I’m so pleased that inTandem is going strong and that the rides are on a more consistent basis and thank all who make this awesome activity possible.

The Dogist is Coming!

Image description: Rudy the 4 year old french bulldog poses for his closeup.

Elias Weis Friedman is The Dogist. Elias will be visiting InTandem at our Central Park ride on Saturday July 30, 2016. Stokers are encouraged to bring their (well coiffed and groomed) guide dogs to be photographed.

The Dogist is a photo-documentary series about the beauty of dogs. The Dogist was created in October 2013 and is based out of New York City. In the last year, the series has traveled to over 30 cities around the world, including Boston, Philadelphia, Washington DC, New Orleans, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Vancouver, China, Taiwan, Croatia, London, Cape Cod, Cincinnati, Louisville, St. Louis, Denver, Breckenridge, Kanab (UT), Big Sky, Seattle, Anchorage, Miami, Ithaca, Newport, Providence, Portland (ME), Bar Harbor, Oslo, Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, Venice, Milan, and more.

All in our InTandem family, extended or otherwise, are invited to attend. If you have a dog, service, civilian, or mutt: BRING YOUR DOG. Who knows? Maybe a few of our dynamic duos (stoker & guide dog) will be published in his next book!

 RSVP for July 30 if you intend to ride.

For more information about the project, visit

Help to widen the George Washington Bridge paths

Image description: Cyclists’ Proposal for the widening of the GWB. Rendering by Joseph Lertola.

Ask your NYC Council Member to support Resolution 1072-2016.

Co-sponsored by Transportation Chair Ydanis Rodriguez and CM Costa Constantinides, 1072-2016 calls upon the Port Authority to widen the GWB paths as part of the upcoming recabling.  If they already support the resolution, thank them!

– To find your local Council Member, click here.  

– For the text of 1072-2016, click here.

– For an linkable version of this email, click here.

– For more info on widening the GWB, click here.
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