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InTandem Community Facebook Group


Image description: The InTandem Community!

There have been a number of stokers seeking captains for additional training or leisure rides. We have created this Facebook Group to serve as a bulletin board for captains and stokers to plan rides beyond InTandem’s scheduled programming.

This is excellent for captains and stokers are have already participated in a ride but can’t seem to fit our scheduled programs into their busy lives?

What are the rules to organizing a ride?

  • A 1:1 Trained Captain- Stoker Ratio preferably with captain and stokers who have ridden together previously (for safety reasons).
  • A Route (The Central Park loop is always a favorite).
  • A Time and Date (Daylight hours only!).
  • A designated point person (To insure the bike is returned and the trailer is locked during and after the ride).

So if you are free to ride on a Monday evening, post it in the Facebook group! If you have some extra time midday on a Wednesday, post it in the group! If you are willing to watch a guide dog while others ride, let everyone know! Please be sure to announce yourself as captain, stoker, or volunteer!

Help us grow to connect and grow our community! Join the InTandem Community Facebook Group


Featured Stoker: Leah F. Herskovits

Image description: Stoker Leah enjoying a ride with her captain Jonathon

Name? Leah F. Herskovits

Hometown? Long Island, NY

Current Neighborhood? Harlem, NY

When you are not riding tandems, what are you doing? Looking to be a dog walker/ trainer and trying to stay out of trouble (hehe).

How did you join InTandem? Through the JCC (Jewish Community Center) of Manhattan, via their Adapations program.

Favorite Ride to date? My second ride ever with Olivia.

Advice for New Captains? communicate to us, tell us when your stopping, going and shifting and COME BACK we need more captains (especially Thursday nights).

Advice for New Stokers? Tell them if you want to go slower or faster… And if you have an individual need tell them. And HAVE FUN! and come back.

One thing you think everyone should know about InTandem? It is open to anyone with any type of disability. It is a great way to make friends and have fun (Ok 3 things).

How has InTandem affected your life? Honestly I am soo much more happier that I have been in a long time, and since I never learned how to ride a bike as a kid I am now 35 and I can ride a bike without crashing. 🙂

If you could share a Tandem with anyone, who would it be? Billy Joel (The Piano Man).

Anything to add? I love love you guys, and since I have full vision, I can not wait to learn how to ride a bike on my own, and thank you so much.

Sunday August 14, 2016 – Eric & Kirsten’s Island Ride!

randalls island connector
Image description: A group of cyclists celebrate while riding over the newly opened Randall’s Island Connector, which is the Bronx’s new car-free link to Manhattan.

We need a few more captains for a Randall’s Island Tour!  On Sunday August  14, 2016 join captain *Kirsten Sonnenberg and stoker Eric Santiago as they lead us on a bike tour starting in Central Park, over the High Bridge, through the Bronx and over the new Randall’s Island Connector.  We’ll be having lunch, a social gathering and the opportunity to do fun rides in and around Randall’s Island and Ward’s Island.  We’ll head back over to Manhattan through Ward’s Island and over the 110th street Pedestrian Connector.   With a total mileage of about 20 miles, we think this ride will be a fun opportunity for people to check out some different bike friendly areas and take advantage of some of the amazing new biking infrastructure that New York has to offer.

Space is limited with priority given to regular participants of InTandem.  We want to encourage people to join us for lunch and fun rides around Randall’s Island, so if all the spaces for stokers and captains fill up, please feel free to meet us for lunch by taking Access-A-Ride, Public Transportation or taxis.

Please RSVP for Eric & Kirsten’s Island Ride.

*This ride is the first product of our new InTandem Community Facebook group. We are encouraging captains and stokers to join together and take the lead on creating even more tandem opportunities!