A look back at the Daffodil Ride

Image Description: Stoker Hashim Kirkland, Captain Jose Nieves and Stoker Shelley Wine, shovels and daffodil bulbs in hand, ready to dig and plant


Our last event ride of 2016 was to plant daffodil bulbs that will bloom in Spring 2017.

This past Sunday, we rode from our Central Park trailer to Corlear’s Hook Park on the Lower East Side to work with the Friends of Corlear’s Hook Park.  We dug some trenches, got good and dirty, planted a whole bunch of daffodil bulbs, had some lunch with new friends and rode back to the Park.

We will ride back in the spring to see how we did.  Special thanks to stokers Jay Kronfeld and Shelley Wine for helping arrange the event with Michael Marino from the Friends of Corlear’s Hook Park.   Thanks as always to Jonathon Epstein for leading the ride, to captains Jose Nieves and Matt Hasday,  and to Susan Elefant for the photos and just about everything else.  


Image Description: Stoker Jay Kronfeld and a young parks volunteer plant some daffodil bulbs.

Image Description: Stoker Jay Kronfeld and a young park volunteer dig a planting trench.

Image Description: Stoker Nefertiti Matos applies some post-planting hand lotion to her hands.

Image Description: Jonathon raking a bunch of leaves.