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My InTandem Story: Captain Chris


We asked our participants to share their 2014 memories with us, they shared that and so much more! Chris shares his story of having fun helping out, and possibly being picked on by AnnMarie!

I have been riding tandem for several years with my wife, Denise.  I first learned about the rides in central park with InTandem by a meet up notification this past summer.  I like to get out on the bike each week and ride around for several hours.  Sometimes by myself, sometimes on club rides or just meet up with friends.  Since starting with Intandem I get to do all of this in one shot.  Like most of the captains, I start a typical Intandem ride by riding myself to the park, get to the trailer then off to 90th St where the real fun starts.   Couple loops around the park with a different stoker each loop.  Then say my goodbyes and mosey on home.

Best part of In Tandem is meeting all the people.  From the dog sitter that likes to tease me, (I think she’s teasing me:) ) to each of the stokers.  One thing In Tandem has taught me is how different each ride can be.
Chris and Company after the Tour de Bronx
I’ve been very fortunate to make friendships with several very talented stokers and have done several rides outside of Central Park.  A memorable one was riding up from Fort Lee on Henry Hudson Drive to Sparkill, where we stopped for lunch.  A couple of other cyclist were there and saw us ride in on the tandem.  They started to tell us about seeing a group of tandems on the Tour De Bronx ride which had happened a week earlier. Of course we where part of the group they had seen and we got to chatting about getting lost in the Bronx and all the fun everyone had.