Saturday November 12 – Ivan Castro Rides with InTandem


Ivan Castro is a U.S. Army officer who has continued serving on active duty in the Special Forces despite losing his vision. He is one of three blind active duty officers who serves in the U.S. Army and the only blind officer serving in the United States Army Special Forces. Castro currently serves on active duty at the Special Operations Recruiting Battalion as the Assistant Operations Officer /Total Army Involvement Recruiting Coordinator. He is an advocate of rehabilitation, employment and education for wounded warriors and participates in various races and marathons as a contestant.

Fortunately for us, Ivan will be riding with us on Saturday, November 12. Please join us as we welcome him for a few spins around the Park with our riders.

We had previously hoped to do a 60-mile ride leaving from our meeting place at 90th St. Instead, we are going to keep this ride within Central Park.

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Sunday October 23 – The Tour de Bronx

Image description: Tandem teams relax in the grass after a fantastic ride!

It’s back! The Tour de Bronx is on Sunday October 23rd. Choose one of two rides. The 25-mile route takes riders through the south, east and mid portion of the borough including the Mott Haven district, Clason Point along the East River, and the largest park in New York City: Pelham Bay Park boasting nearly 3,000 acres of natural forest, OR The 40-mile route, which includes a visit to the historic Fort Schuyler on the Throgs Neck peninsula, the nautical community of City Island and the northern portions of the borough like Woodlawn and Riverdale. Both rides conclude at the iconic New York Botanical Garden where riders receive a complimentary souvenir T-shirt and enjoy a live musical performance as they relax from the day’s festivities.

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Riding with the captains of Blackrock


Image Description: Team photo of BlackRock captains and InTandem stokers together.


This past Friday was a lovely day in Central Park – perfect for some tandem riding and a picnic lunch with new friends from BlackRock.  Ten new captains received their captain training from Matt Malina, then met our stokers and set off to tour the Park for a few hours.

A picnic lunch under the magnificent elm trees in the East Meadow followed.

Image Description: Two pairs of running shoes, a paper plate with two slices of pizza and an InTandem helmet on the grass in Central Park.

Thanks to InTandem stoker Jasmin Sethi for arranging the day and to Manny Frontini from BlackRock for managing their team.  As usual,  InTandem den mother Susan Elefant made sure everything else went smoothly, which it did.

Friday, September 16, 2016 – Ride with the captains of Blackrock


InTandem stoker Jasmin Sethi has arranged a morning of tandem riding with InTandem stokers and captains from her company, BlackRock.

This will take place on Friday, September 16, 2016 in Central Park.  The ride will commence from 90th St. in the Park.  The teams will ride some park loops  and then gather for a picnic lunch in the Park.  We have room for 12 stokers.  Come out and ride and lunch with new friends.

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