Featured Stoker: Leah F. Herskovits

Image description: Stoker Leah enjoying a ride with her captain Jonathon

Name? Leah F. Herskovits

Hometown? Long Island, NY

Current Neighborhood? Harlem, NY

When you are not riding tandems, what are you doing? Looking to be a dog walker/ trainer and trying to stay out of trouble (hehe).

How did you join InTandem? Through the JCC (Jewish Community Center) of Manhattan, via their Adapations program.

Favorite Ride to date? My second ride ever with Olivia.

Advice for New Captains? communicate to us, tell us when your stopping, going and shifting and COME BACK we need more captains (especially Thursday nights).

Advice for New Stokers? Tell them if you want to go slower or faster… And if you have an individual need tell them. And HAVE FUN! and come back.

One thing you think everyone should know about InTandem? It is open to anyone with any type of disability. It is a great way to make friends and have fun (Ok 3 things).

How has InTandem affected your life? Honestly I am soo much more happier that I have been in a long time, and since I never learned how to ride a bike as a kid I am now 35 and I can ride a bike without crashing. 🙂

If you could share a Tandem with anyone, who would it be? Billy Joel (The Piano Man).

Anything to add? I love love you guys, and since I have full vision, I can not wait to learn how to ride a bike on my own, and thank you so much.

Stoker Profile: Lynette Alacia Tatum

Rohan and Lynne riding2 copy
Image Description: Lynnette and her Five Boro captain Rohan cruise through Central Park.

Name: Lynnette Alacia Tatum

Hometown: San Angelo, TX

Current Neighborhood? Upper Manhattan

When you are not riding tandems, what are you doing? Hmm. Reading, listening to music, rehearsing, participating in library activities, playing with what tech I can get my hands on, conducting InfoShare meetings, teaching… Walking around the city.

How did you join InTandem? Maria (Lynnette’s partner) received an email from Artie and asked if I were interested. Of course, we were and the rest, as they say…

Favorite Ride to date? Artie’s donut ride, even though it was cold as heck!

Advice for New Captains? Relax! Also, ask your stoker at what pace they feel comfortable riding. On longer rides, make certain that you at least ask the stoker if they’d like to stop at rest areas or not. Don’t simply assume. If stokers have diabetes, they’ll need to stop to refuel with the delicious snacks and beverages offered on longer rides.

Advice for New Stokers? Relax and don’t be afraid to let your captain know your needs with regard to speed and taking breaks (or not).

One thing you think everyone should know about InTandem? It’s a fabulous organization for meeting new people and discovering the great highways and byways of our wonderful city. Also, it might just help dispel some commonly-believed myths about people who are blind or visually impaired.

How has InTandem affected your life? I’ve gotten to make many wonderful cycling memories with some lovely individuals. I’ve overcome a good bit of anxiety and now feel more comfortable about riding a tad faster.

If you could share a Tandem with anyone, who would it be? Maria! <smile> Ah, a person with better vision? President Obama because I think he’d just be cool like that. Next, Ellen DeGeneres because I’d think she’d be a hoot!

Anything to add? I’m so pleased that inTandem is going strong and that the rides are on a more consistent basis and thank all who make this awesome activity possible.

Featured Captain: Francisca “Francie” Hoogeveen

Shelley,_Francie_and_Dorcas (1)
Image Description: Francie stands in between Shelley and Dorcas

Name? Francisca, I go by Francie, Hoogeveen (pronounced “Hoo-kkha-vane” – Don’t even try).

Hometown? Amsterdam, Netherlands

Current Neighborhood?  Upper West Side, NYC

When you are not riding tandems, what are you doing? Working hard, traveling for business, something cultural or hanging out with my doggie (his Royal Lowness) Sam in Riverside Park or Central Park.

How did you join InTandem? Through Meetup.

Favorite Ride to date? Lake Hopatcong fall last year, glorious scenery and fall foliage.

Advice for New Captains? Treat your stoker the way (s)he would like to be treated.

Advice for New Stokers? Make sure to let the captain know what you expect/like/dislike of the tandem ride.

How has InTandem affected your life? It gives me a sense of purpose and fulfillment and grounds me.

If you could share a Tandem with anyone, who would it be? Michelle Obama/a one of a kind woman, fascinating in all her ways, spiritually, intellectually, physically and both in her own right as well as being the First Lady of the USA and the entire world.

Anything to add? I also love the extracurricular activities, such as kayaking, tango, etc.

Bill Cunningham – A True New Yorker


Bill Cunningham on bike
Image Description: Bill takes a photograph from his bike.

Last week New York lost a treasure.  Bill was the fashion and society photographer for the New York Times for nearly 40 years.  In fact, he was designated by the City of New York in 2009 as a living landmark.  He was noticeable around town for riding his rickety old bike with his camera always around his neck and for his basic blue Parisian work smock.

We will sorely miss you Bill.

Here is his obituary in the Times.     Bill Cunningham obituary