Riding at Floyd Bennett Field


Image description: Team InTandem and the NPS Gateway Crew

This past Sunday we paid our first visit of the season to Floyd Bennett Field, a part of Gateway National Recreation Area(link).

Our stokers and captains travelled from all parts of our fair city, gathering at the nicely air conditioned, thank you very much, Ryan Visitor Center, which was greatly appreciated by volunteers Susan Elefant, Artie (that’s right) Weinberg, father of NY Cares team leader and beloved captain Francis Weinberg, guide dog Cory and civilian dogs Toodles and Charlie Urban. Their moms, Kody and Shana were not in the air conditioned interior as they were out riding all around the 750 acres or so, where gentle bay breezes from three sides lowered the temperature by a good fifteen degrees.

Park ranger, InTandem stoker, and all around great guy Matt Turner kicked off the day with a guided tour of the base, where you were either on a really wide runway or off-road in what they call the back 40. 90 minutes of this and we were ready for lunch – pizza (surprise) and these great little hot dogs and knishes from some place Susan knows in Canarsie. After lunch, more riding and a beach visit. NIce day for all.

Special thanks to Emma and Mick for driving the van and leading the ride for us. And to Jessica, David and all the summer interns out at Gateway.


Image description: Nef standing in Jamaica Bay while holding her socks in the air.

At Floyd Bennett, Gateway offers camping, fishing, kayaking and rowing. Learn about it at

Your Park, Your Health.

Be looking to our newsletter for upcoming group dates for kayaking and maybe sailing coming up in August and September.