Saturday August 27, 2016 – Heckscher Ride and Picnic

Image description: group photo from the InTandem Heckscher Ride w/ Third Eye Insight 2015


This was a wonderful day!  

Our team took the LIRR out to Heckscher State Park on the south shore of Long Island.  We were met at the train by captains Mick and Emma, who had the chariots all saddled up and ready to ride to the park.  At the park we connected with Sensei Devin Fernandez and his Third Eye Insight group.  Riding commenced immediately with our captains giving back-to-back rides to both InTandem and Third Eye stokers.  While some rode, others took martial arts instruction from Sensei Devin.  A picnic lunch followed – provided by Third Eye.  Then some more riding and a quiet (napping riders) ride back to the city on LIRR.

Special thanks to:
• InTandem captains Mick, Emma, Francie, Pascal and Stanley for the non-stop captaining.
• Mick and Emma for driving the van with the tandems.
• Devin, Kim and Roxanne Fernandez for coordinating the day.