Vision Week 2016

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Professionals to Present Four Free Career and Entrepreneurship Workshops for Blind and Low Vision Participants in Support of New York Vision Week Fall 2016

Vision Week ( is pleased to announce that with the support from partner organizations and the community,between October 27 and November 18, 2016, four career and entrepreneurship workshops will be held in New York City for all blind and low vision students, jobseekers, professionals and veterans during New York Vision Week Fall 2016.

The free “Career and Entrepreneurship Workshop Series” of Vision Week Fall 2016 will focus on four key steps of job search and entrepreneurship: first, turn one’s skills and passion into offering ; second, turn one’s offering into a pitch; third, a proactive career game plan in the real world; and fourth, strategy in the social media online world. The workshop series will teach participants practical strategies and hands-on solutions to conceptualize the first, develop the second, design the third and carry out the fourth.

Participants can sign up for just one or all of the workshops. Each workshop is a separate topic. To sign up, visit Vision Week website or call 646.820.6201.

The three remaining free workshops are:
– November 3 Workshop #2: Helen Keller Services for the Blind “Effectively Communicating Your Strengths”
– November 4 Workshop #3: VISIONS Career Workshop “How to Successfully Raise Your Chance of Getting the Internship, Your First Job, the Next Job or a Better Job”
– November 18 Workshop #4: Baruch College Computer Center for Visually Impaired People “Taking Maximum Advantage of Linkedin as a Blind or Low Vision Student, Jobseeker, Entrepreneur or Working Professional”

To sign up, visit Vision Week website or call 646.820.6201.