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InTandem Bike
Interim Executive Director

Susan Robinson is a leader making an impact on the world in a truly unique way. Through  her corporate and conference keynote, commencement addresses, workshops, client  initiatives and writing, she masterfully blends 25+ years of multi-sector leadership with her  experiences being legally blind to shift thinking, elevate potential and inspire action. She  has worked with global firms and Fortune 500 companies, top not-for-profit organizations,  leading universities and the United Nations.  

Her speaking style is dynamic, inspirational and thought-provoking. Susan's adept ability  to convey difficult and complex issues with approachability allows her to resonate with  diverse audiences. Exemplified by her TED Talk with 1.4M+ views, “How I fail at being  disabled,” Susan humorously weaves disparate concepts into a meaningful narrative and  flips generally-accepted ideas upside down to uncover, challenge and redefine  preconceived obstacles.  

In her role as advisor and consultant, Susan works with other business leaders on efforts  that impact revenue, relevance and reputation. Her previous projects have included  leadership workshops for top talent; enterprise-wide assessments to optimize competitive  differentiators and growth potential; and business strategy, horizon and transformation  planning. The results are impactful and include increased competency to lead a new  program launch for one client; a 7-fold increase in revenue for another, and a successful  organizational leadership transition for a third.  

Susan is an Executive Board Member of the Penn State Alumni Association's Alumni  Council and a Board Member of both the New York State Preferred Source for the Blind  and InTandem Cycling.  

She received her Master of Public Administration, specializing in Health Policy and  Management, from New York University, Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public  Service; and her Bachelor of Science, Health Policy and Administration, with minors in  Business and Economics, from The Pennsylvania State University.  

Susan is a tango dancer, yoga practitioner, tandem cyclist and world traveler. She lives in  New York City. 

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