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A group of 90 cyclists in their inTandem gear smile for a picture at the Central Park Engineers Gate
Black lab guide dog wearing in tandem tshirt lays down and looks at the camera for a picture
The members of the intandem board pose smiling in front of the Central Park Engineers Gate
A group of 5 cyclists smile at the camera in their InTandem gear
A group of 7 cyclists wait at a crosswalk on their bikes to continue their ride with intandem
A captain/stoker pair on a tandem bike pose side-on for a picture in a local park
Three men in their helmets and Intandem gear stand side by side smiling

About InTandem

InTandem Cycling is a 501(c)(3)

not-for-profit organization whose mission is to provide tandem cycling programs to people who are blind, have low vision, or cannot ride independently due to other disabilities.

A captain on his bike smiles directly at the camera for a close up photo
A stoker and her guide dog pose together for a photo
A group of 5 cyclists stand behind a bike and pose on a red bridge

Become a Captain 

Meet new people and share your joy of cycling with people who might otherwise be stuck on the sideline.  InTandem provides a thorough training on bike safety, tandem riding techniques and communication, and disability awareness.

Come have a great time, get an excellent workout, and join a fun and inclusive community!  If you cannot ride a bike independently, try riding a tandem with one of our well-trained captains.  We will provide you with an individualized orientation and provide necessary accommodations.  No cycling experience is necessary.

Become a Stoker

Help and Volunteer

Even if you are not a cycling enthusiast, there are many opportunities for you to volunteer with InTandem.  Come watch and care for guide dogs while their owners ride, ensure everyone gets an equal opportunity and help out as needed.

Thank You to our

Circle of Champions Sponsors

A group of 90 cyclists in their inTandem gear smile for a picture in the rain at the Central Park Engineers Gate
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2023 Riding Season

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Begin Your Cycling Journey Today!

Join Our 5BBT Team

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Ride with us on Sunday, May 7, 2023!

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