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2024 TCS NYC Marathon

UPDATE: We have received a tremendous response to our NYC Marathon team. Unfortunately, we were not able to select all participants, and our program is now full. We hope to have charity entries for both the 2025 United NYC Half and the 2025 TCS NYC Marathon. Please sign up for our mailing list and follow us on social media to be notified of when applications for those programs become available.  

InTandem Cycling is proud to be an official charity partner of the 2024 TCS New York City Marathon. This designation marks a significant milestone for the organization, allowing it to raise vital funds and awareness while showcasing its commitment to inclusivity and physical activity. As part of the marathon's charity program, supporters can run on behalf of InTandem Cycling, contributing to its mission of promoting independence and community engagement through tandem cycling programs. The 2024 NYC Marathon on Sunday, November 3 promises to be an unforgettable event, drawing tens of thousands of participants and spectators from across the globe to the streets of New York City. 

As a Team InTandem Athlete, you will receive:

  • Training Tips from an RRCA Level 1 Certified Running Coach

  • A fundraising tool kit to help you meet your goals

  • A custom InTandem racing shirt

  • Monthly Zoom calls to share best practices on fundraising and to discuss your training with our coach

  • Shoutouts on Social Media and in the InTandem NewsCycler

  • Support from our enthusiastic cheer station on race day

As a Team InTandem Athlete, you will:

  • Commit to raising $3,500 by Sunday, November 17 (2 weeks after race day). All runners will be required to sign a fundraising agreement that acknowledges meeting the fundriasing requirement by the deadline.

  • Spread the word! Engage family and friends and tell them about you participation in the 2024 TCS NYC Marathon with Team InTandem through email, social media, and conversations

  • Have an amazing time on Sunday, November 3

Questoons? Please contact Sai Alur, Senior Manager for Programs at

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